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The Patriot League’s 4th Annual Pillar Project
The Patriot League’s 4th Annual Pillar Project Event is scheduled for
Saturday, September 22nd at the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol
from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.

Rep. Shane Sandridge and Senator John Cooke will be speaking at the event, responding to the call of religious leaders to defend the Pillar principles of Traditional Marriage, Parental Rights, Religious Liberty & the Humanity of the Unborn.

On the morning of the event, four legislators who have been selected as Friend of Motherhood Award recipients will be announced and presented with their awards. This may be the best opportunity we have all year long to show our support, in-person, for legislator’s efforts to defend our shared principles.

We encourage you to attend the event and to make it a point to come and speak with at least one of these Pillar-defending legislators in order to share your personal appreciation with them. There is nothing like a face-to-face expression of gratitude. Your attendance at the event will demonstrate how much these principles mean to you and give you the opportunity to show how grateful you are to those who work to defend them.

Please share this invitation with others—all of the information needed for this free, once-per-year event is at our website,

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The Patriot League - Pillar Project