Rush to Reason Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm


Refreshing common-sense analysis of politics and culture.

Local host John Rush is your ordinary, average American guy . . . with a microphone! His sense of curiosity and his need to know how stuff works makes for some very compelling radio. As a business owner and entrepreneur, John is all too aware of the regulations that stymie productivity in the workplace, which leads him to dig for those rational solutions that seem to elude our elected officials. Rejecting politically-correct ideologies that impede economic growth and corrode public morality, Rush to Reason offers a refreshing common-sense analysis of politics and culture. Join John, co-host Dan Meurer, and producer Charlie Grimes weekdays from 3-7pm as they bring reason back to radio — along with a few laughs.

Call into the show live at (303) 477-5600 or visit for podcasts & more.

John Rush, Host

John Rush has been hosting live radio since 1998.  For KLZ560 he hosts both Drive Radio on Saturday mornings and Rush to Reason weekdays from 3:00 – 7:00 pm MT. John and his various guests such as congressmen, senators, state representatives, pastors, authors, economists, attorneys and even fitness experts will engage in lively discussions with our call-in audience and together put reason back into the issues that affect our country, our state, and our daily lives.

Dan Meurer, Co-Host

Dan Meurer began his radio career in 2014 on a conservative internet radio program called Joe America.  In 2015 Dan started guest hosting for various radio programs on KLZ560, which led him to be hired as the co-host for the KLZ morning show. It was only a few months later that Dan began his co-hosting position with Rush To Reason.